Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fondue Party!

As the winter seems to endlessly drag on and the battles with cabin fever rage (except for those of you in Southern California who can completely disregard this. We all know your weather is always gorgeous...) We all need something fun, unusual, and toasty to do. Why not have a fondue party?! I recommend cheese and chocolate which will each need their own pot, but you can have a hot oil pot too (I like peanut oil) if you want to include meat or chicken. Round up some friends, some pots, lots of stuff to dip and a few bottles of wine. Maybe request everyone wear ski attire... Put the fireplace DVD on the telly and you're all set!

While I'm all about skipping the salad, I also prefer to skip the Swiss cheese. It's one of the few cheeses I'm not completely down with. I prefer Cheddar and Beer fondue.
Here's a recipe I like-
Heat 3/4 c. of beer in a pot on the stove (drink the rest of the bottle while cooking). Dust 12 oz. of shredded sharp cheddar (I like Cabot Extra Sharp) with a little flour and add to beer. Add a chopped clove of garlic. When it's melted transfer to the fondue pot and keep warm with the flame. Dip french bread chunks, apples, broccoli - whatever else you want.

Here are some more recipes I haven't tried from the Better Homes & Gardens Cooking with Cheese cookbook 1966 (also the source of the above photo). I love the part about kissing someone if you drop your bread in :)

I love this pot - and the photo! $35 from Crank Heart Pony on Etsy.

This is another nice one - $32 from The Aviary on Etsy.

I would have driven my mom crazy begging for this if I had ever seen it! $40 from Fun in the Kitchen on Etsy.

I super heart Vera designs! This tea towel is perfect for fondue night. $19 from Friday Finds Mama on Etsy.

This is a great pair of tromp l'oeil trays - $18 from Eureka! A Found Life... on Etsy.

Of course if you want to do it up in true vintage style you'll need a selection of vintage recipes. This book is from 1968 and is only $5 from Missing Pieces on Etsy.

You can finds loads of recipes online as well. For dessert I like a semi-sweet chocolate fondue with apples, banana, pears and marshmallows.

Happy melting!


  1. LOVE me some fondue! Awesome post! I always get so nostalgic when I see fondue-y items on Etsy.

    I'm really lucky because my mom was a firm believer in fondue + I grew up eating it (on special occasions of course). My husband thought it sounded so weird until he had it the first time + now he's hooked as well. So now, every birthday, and on Christmas we indulge. (Oh, well, maybe one more sesh before spring is in order...!)

  2. mmm I love Fondue! I ate it the first time in Gruyere in Switzerland, oh yes the only way to do it! We've been thinking of having fondue again lately, you've spurred me on!

  3. I agree on the oil fondue--chicken is the best, but small pieces, or else you're waiting forever. But actually what I love best is the cool colors on the ends of the forks of the vintage sets.