Friday, June 12, 2009

Astro Vintage is Open!

Yes, that's right folks... Astro Vintage is officially open for business!

This is a photo of the new front room.
The front room incorporates more women's clothing with loads of dresses, skirts, aprons and shoes, plus housewares, barware and kitchen stuff. The back room has an expanded men's section, as well as more women's clothing, housewares and linens.
Monthly art shows will be coming soon.

The hours right now are:
Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11 am - 7 pm
Sunday Noon - 6 pm
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Astro Vintage is located at 720 S 5th St Philadelphia PA
(just South of Bainbridge St and a few blocks from South St)
(215) 922-0483


  1. This is exactly how I imagine the perfect vintage store! Love!

  2. Congrats on the new spot! I will be sure to stop in next time I'm in Philly!!

  3. Oh! I didn't make the connection between Plaid Pony and Astro. Doi! I came in not too long ago and we chatted about your massive dress form lamp and about how I have a gallery in South Philly. I love your online store, but the actual store is wonderful! CONGRATS!

  4. I hope I wasn't misleading... I don't own Astro Vintage - that would be the lovely Karin. However, I do consign with her so in a way it's a real world extension of my online shop, with a mix of Karin's collection as well as another friend who also has fabulous taste ;)