Monday, June 15, 2009

Vintage Tea Towels...

...or dish towels as we may call them here in the States. I guess it all depends on how classy you're trying to be. Anyhow - I love 'em! They're basically a blank canvas roughly 16" x 28" and the variations are endless. There are so many great designs out there and since many of them are signed it's possible to develop a love for a certain artist, (but that would be so limiting).
I'm drawn to ones that have bold colors and quirky illustrations, but some are just plain beautiful.

These are a few of my favorites from the recent update I did on the site.
The fondue one is hilarious beginning with "Choose from well hung beef...". How can you go wrong with a dish towel (or a recipe for that matter) that advises choosing well hung beef?!

One of the most well known artists who designed tea towels, hankies and other linens is Tammis Keefe. She also designed under the name Peg Thomas. Her prints have great colors and really nice illustrations mostly from the 1950s. There's a Flickr group dedicated to her work.

I found this Peaches & Cream towel on Etsy and I absolutely love it! You can find it along with other great linens at Uncle Bunk's Trunk.

This is a detail of another beauty I found on Etsy at Call Me Jasper.

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