Friday, August 21, 2009

Dress Update

I recently finished a big dress update on the site - with more to come soon...
I have so many dresses right now that in order to keep myself from going insane, I decided to divide the update into several manageable sized parts. I'm giving myself a break in between lest I should actually become (Gasp!) sick of dresses.
And by break I mean I'm switching to another category for a change of pace which this week was necklaces.
So, dress update part 1 is complete, and I used a new style of photos which I think are really fun. I decided to theme out the dresses using backgrounds that were suited to the style and print, and I made mini lookbooks for the different themes. I hope you like it!

Into the Woods

On the Road

Desert Dreams

The Country Club Set

A Day at the Beach

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