Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recent Finds

Since it's been that kind of same old same old around here, (you know the kind that makes you feel like the most boring person alive when you talk to someone you haven't seen in a while and they ask you what's new and you rack your brain and can think of absolutely nothing to say...) I thought I'd share some photos of some recent flea market finds. I have done absolutely nothing this summer that is remotely summery, except for almost weekly flea market trips that are somehow supposed to be (and sort of are) compensating for the lack of a vacation, or for that matter any activities that might resemble something one would do on vacation. I thought I went swimming once, but now I'm pretty sure that was actually last summer. There's still a little bit of time though. Maybe I can actually plan - and take - a tubing trip on the Delaware.

On to the finds...

As you can see I still have a thing for owls, but they have to be just the right kind of owl. Deer are always a favorite as well. The doe-ier the eyes the better. The handbag was given to me by a friend of a friend who thought I would like it and boy do I ever! It has an appliqued mermaid scene behind plastic with sequins, beads and shells. It's amazing!

I love paint by numbers pictures, but they have to have great colors and be painted well. This one, my husband informed me, is Portland Head Light. He would know. He's totally obsessed with all things Portland (and Maine), and if it weren't so cold there he just may have convinced me to move. But I have a very small comfort zone which is basically 70-74 degrees, so we just go visit. The watercolor on the table is one of a couple of portraits I picked up. I love how the eyes are really close together and that it looks like a yearbook photo. I have to find the right frame for it.

I found this box that I only knew was Catholic and cool looking. Upon returning home (and with the help of Google) I learned is called a Viaticum or a Last Rites Box.
It's made of oak, and the glass is reverse painted, with chalkware figures inside. The bottom has a door where they would keep the pieces used to administer the last rites. The front has two metal pieces that would have held candle sconces, but those are missing. Apparently the boxes would be mounted inside the wall, but this one has a wire on the back so it can hang. I thought it was a pretty amazing piece!

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