Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want to be a cowboy...

...I'm born to be a cowboy. Yup I have the Vandals song stuck in my head now
It's this one,
but you may also like this one if you're more into
80's dance music than punk.

I thought in honor of my latest western shirt update I'd do a cowboy themed post.
Being a girl from Philly I can't say I know many (ok, any) actual cowboys, but I did have the privilege of two-stepping at a for real cowboy bar in Tennessee once. I was warned by a local that it would not actually be a good idea for my friends and I to continue the party with the cowboys in the black hats back at the ranch. Apparently the cowboys in the black hats were notorious for being, shall we say, less than gentlemanly. Advice we heeded and to this day the mystique lives on in my mind... Anyhow, they were some snappy dressers.

I added new western shirts to the website here.

These are a few of my favorite vintage horse things I found on Etsy. I can't link each picture individually, but you can search by seller name - it's the lower line in grey.
The mugs says "Every family has one" on the front :)

Happy trails!

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